Monday, July 14, 2014

Guess Who #37

How do you ever, no one has ever asked me, come up with the people you select for your oh-so-delightful Guess Who feature? Well, I’ll tell you. It usually happens during the course of a day when I either hear a reference to some almost forgotten person, or a unique fact about a famous person. Or sometimes it’s just someone I admire.

Most of the people I choose are from the past. And I wouldn’t have been able to tell you this if I hadn’t just checked, but most of the previous 36 subjects are alive. Now, I can’t give you an exact count of how many of them are alive, but it’s about 23. The reason I can’t be more precise is because some of them aren’t actual people, but singing groups (The Guess Who and Wings) or fictitious (Gidget.)

Most of the subjects are from the world of show business, and some were chosen simply because I admire their talent (Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis, George Carlin. Rickie Lee Jones.) Perhaps my favorite subject ever was Saddam Hussein. It was a toughie, for sure, since I stacked it with only positive clues. Did you know he wrote four novels, was given the Key to the City of Detroit in 1980 and started a campaign to end illiteracy? Well, there you go.

Tonight’s subject is not so dramatic a personage, and is probably one of the most current of the Guess Who people. I suspect the reason I chose him was not because of his talent, which I admire, but rather because I think he serves as a reminder that if you keep your head down, and keep plugging away through the failures, you can (sometimes) achieve great success.

Mr. X was born in 1965.

Mr. X decided that he wanted to be an actor at age 12.

It is said that Mr. X closely resembles Matthew Broderick, and has replaced him in plays on several occasions.

Mr. X has been married twice.

Mr. X achieved first achieved fame in a 1980’s classic movie written by John Hughes.

Mr. X starred with Charlie Sheen in the movie Hot Shots! in 1991.

Mr. X was asked to audition for the role of “Chandler” in Friends, but his tape failed to arrive from England on time.
Mr. X was born in New York City.

Mr. X’s two front teeth are fake.

In 1989 Mr. X starred in the sitcom The Famous Teddy Z, which was cancelled after one season.

In 1995 Mr. X starred in the sitcom Bob, which was cancelled after one season.

In 2000 Mr. X starred in the sitcom The Trouble With Normal, which was cancelled after one season.

In 2003 Mr. X first starred in his current sitcom, which is now in its twelfth season.

Mr. X’s middle name is “Niven.”

Mr. X received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011.

Mr. X has won two Emmy Awards.

Geez, that’s everything but his name! And don’t you dare use the Internet!


At 8:38 AM, Blogger she said...

In three words:




Of course I know who Mr X is...

And.. I can't wait for my prize! I'm on some kind of roll...

Yesterday, a spa package..


"Tell her what's she won Bob"

Happy Tuesday! -s.c.

At 4:31 PM, Anonymous FUNGUS!!!! said...

Isn't life in Malibu wonderful????

Always striving to be around and be the beneficiary of someone else's wealth!!!

Sure puts a "sheen" on your life!!!


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